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  • How to Remove Coffee Stains

    How to Remove Coffee Stains

    It’s easy to spill coffee, especially during a great conversation while talking wildly about a subject. If you or a guest accidentally spills coffee on furniture or on the carpet, try mixing an egg yolk with warm water in a small bowl. Use a towel to rub the mixture into the coffee stain for removal.

  • How to Remove Wine Stains

    How to Remove Wine Stains

    This is a common occurrence during a large dinner party. Hopefully, you notice the stain right away, as it’s easier to remove the fresher it is. Use about one tablespoon of dish soap from your kitchen and one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide. After blotting the wine with a paper towels as much as possible, apply the dish soap and peroxide to remove the stain quickly.

  • Womensforum Living Channel

    Womensforum Living Channel

  • How to Remove Everyday Stains

    How to Remove Everyday Stains

    For any kid-related stains (dirt, food stains on clothes, markers), try mixing dry dish detergent with a little bit of water until it turns foamy.  After applying the foam mixture to the stain, rub the stain with a clean towel and then switch to rubbing with water to rinse.

  • How to Remove Light Stains

    How to Remove Light Stains

    If you notice a light discoloring on your carpet or on your couch, try mixing some of shampoo with water, especially if you just ran out of a simple stain remover and you need one immediately. Try rubbing with a dish towel to remove the stain with a heavy texture that has microfibers.

  • How to Remove Grape Juice Stains

    How to Remove Grape Juice Stains

    If the dreaded event happens and your child spilled grape juice on the carpet, first blot the spill with paper towels to soak up as much as possible. Apply a generous amount of lemon juice. Then apply another towel to blot again. Repeat this process twice or until stain disappears. Soak with white vinegar to make the stain turn invisible and let air-dry.

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