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Money is in the list… so the old adage goes. Well, list and leads are interconnected, because the list you build is probably going to convert to leads if you are smart in your game. Challenge is... how are you going to spend money and time to build leads that convert to sales and profits?

Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business 

1. Off Social Proof

People want social proof! They want to be sure that you interact with real people and you do what you say you do. How about expanding your social media presence on Facebook or any other platform? It makes them confident about doing business with you, even if they’ve never seen you before.

2. Participate on "Help a Reporter Out" as a Source

Yes, you have to know how to write useful information that will bring value to the reader, and then make it available for an audience to read it. A great resource is 'Help A Reporter,' a credible source so that people can trust and want to know more about the things you offer.

3. LinkedIn Saved Search

LinkedIn makes work easier where lead generation is concerned. Once you’re ready, search what you prefer - according to your criteria, then save the results. For instance, let’s say you just closed a deal with a client, and you think this is the kind of client you’d want to have. Consider searching for their name on LinkedIn and save the results. The site will send you new prospects every week.

4. Re-Marketing

Re-marketing will help you build a brand and better recognition in the market. It also helps reduce your cost per acquisition in the end. Rather than having visitors come to your site and leave without any action, it is important that you choose the type of ads that serve the purpose of your visitors depending on the webpage they have visited. The difference is, you serve relevant people, hence eliminating wasting time and resources.

5. Podcasting

These digital or audio files are produced in a series. Your audience will simply subscribe and let the files download automatically into their computers when a new file is available. The advantage of podcasting is that, if done well, can attract attention and bring the material right to the consumer using podcast software.

Were these 5 lead generating tips helpful? Well, check back for Part 2 and get 5 more!

Get more career and business advice from Sylvia via her blog sylviabrowder.com as well as nawomenrise.com!

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