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dealing-with-toxic-peopleHow Can I Deal With Negative Judgmental People?

There's no way around it. Since you have made the life decision not to live in the Rocky Mountains, isolated from everyone, as a hermit, you have to come in contact with other people every day. Most of the aliens you bump into don't have the same even temperament and optimistic outlook on life that you do. They seem to view the world with some alternative reason that is detrimental to the stability of the universe.

Not everyone is this way, but some toxic people just give off a definitive black aura. How can you, a normal upbeat life-affirming Homo sapiens sapiens (our actual Latin classification), live in a world rife with negative judgemental people?  Listen to what the person has to say. Do they end even optimistic statements with some sort of cynicism? Are they always seeing the bad traits of an individual, and are free with there opinions about it? Learn to look past your own trusting nature and recognize a toxic person for what they are.

Coping With Negativity

Okay, first, don't panic. The world will spin on and water will still flow downhill when someone toxic invades your space. The law of averages (meaning that you will face every type of positive and negative energy within a period of time) evens everything out. You will face negative judgmental people the trick is dealing with them and still maintaining an outlook that is upbeat.  It up to you to not let a toxic relationship develop.

The first problem that you may encounter is that we all wear camouflage. From an early age everyone is frightened by who they are, and erects an elaborate façade which allows others to see what one wants them to see and not who they really are. The guard is only dropped when a trusting comfort is developed within a group or between two people. This confidence is hard to erect when the other is one of these negative judgemental people. Recognition is the key to avoiding this relationship.

Judgemental Family Members

Another issue may be that this person is close to you. They are more than a coworker; they may even be your spouse or parent. If that person is a spouse then they must have some redeeming qualities. There may be some medical reason that they have started seeing everything in a negative light. Suggest counseling first, and ask the counselor to evaluate the toxicity for possible medical consultation, or some type of intervention that can help them cope with whatever has diverted them to this path. Other people that you don't have to be around can be avoided. If you care about the person and want to maintain a relationship with them then you need to discuss what you see as their judgmental behavior. Maybe you do need to change some things about yourself, but if they seem to be pointing out the wrong in everybody, point that out to them. Also you may be able to have an intervention for them. It is not pleasant to be ganged up on, and they may see the error of their ways if they are confronted by people they care for.

Whatever issues that negative judgemental people have remember this phrase: Miserable people need miserable company. They will try to drag you down to their level. If they will not seek help, or listen to reason, you may need to rid yourself of the poison so that you can maintain your own mental health.

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