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Neighborly Love: Gifting for Those Next Door

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Show your lovely neighbors some Christmas merriment with some easy homemade gifts! 

You don’t have to go present-crazy to show your neighbors a little holiday cheer! You can easily make a homemade gift such as baked goods or goodie bags! Stuck on gift ideas for your neighbors? These gifts are sincere, from the heart and inexpensive!   

5 Holiday Gifts for Your Neighbors 

Baked Goods 

Bake your neighbors something sweet and delicious for the holidays. Make mint cookies, eggnog pound cake, brownies, cupcakes or any other baked goods. Place in plastic containers and make it fancy by adding a bow and a gift tag! 

Jar Gifts 

Mason jars are a savior when it comes to trying to figure out what gift to give someone. You have a ton of options! You can make homemade lotions or body scrubs using real sugar and holiday-scented essential oil. Or you can layer ingredients for cookies or hot cocoa. You could also fill them with different holiday candies for munching! Add some cute décor like a sparkling red bow and a card. 

Homemade Recipe Books 

Compile a homemade recipe book with your favorite holiday recipes. From appetizers, main dishes to side dishes and desserts, give your neighbors the gift of holiday eats! Decorate the front with some festive holiday crafting. 

Holiday Goodie Bags

If you have some lunch bags lying around from sack lunches, you can easily transform them into goodie bags! Decorate the front and fill with candy, candy canes, cocoa mixes, a couple gift cards and more! 

A Meal on You 

The holidays can be completely hectic with all the shopping, parties, and cooking. Give your neighbors the gift of a meal on you! Cook them a casserole or lasagna and include reheating directions and let them know they should take off a night from holiday chaos and indulge in your meal that’s on the house! 

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