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 Something To Talk About?reasons_woman_have_low_libido

When you get together with a bunch of your very close girlfriends or your sister sometimes you are put in that embarrassing position to talk about things that make you blush. One of those things is men. You know how it is. We may laugh at the honeymoon lingerie at bridal showers or try not to seem too prudish when someone talks about adult toys but, the fact is, we're always talking about men. And when we do we probably discovered that at least one person in the group has trouble 'getting into the mood'. But, why? What could be causing this?

Reasons For a Lower Interest in Intimacy

There are a lot of reasons why women have a low interest in intimacy. In fact, both men and women suffer from the same issue, but perhaps for different reasons. In almost every survey conducted to identify problems in the bedroom, the largest percentage of women picked 'low intrest' as the issue they deal with. Almost 33% of women survey stated that having limited desire for intimacy was their biggest concern, followed by lack of satisfaction. So this is not a unique problem. Matter of fact, it might not be a problem at all.

What is normal for one person might not be normal for another. But if you are concerned about intimacy issues or your overall interest there are some reasons you might want to think about.

  • Stress in general has an impact. Stress health issues include the impact on interest in intimacy. It is obvious that if you are stressed there is less of a likelihood that you will want to be intimate.
  • Illness has an impact as well. Health-related issues are one of the top five contributors to lower interest in intimacy.
  • Another reason may be your age. Now not all women have reduction in interest as they get older but around menopause hormones obviously change and many women will experience changes in physical intimacy desires as they go through this stage.
  • Another possible reason is problems in your relationship. If the relationship is not working chances are you will have less desire for intimacy with that person.
  • If you have gained or even lost a lot of weight you could be self conscious and this will impact your love life as well.

There are many other causes for women's lack of interest, but these are the primary ones. In some cases you might just have a lower need for intimacy in general. We started off by saying that what is normal for one might not be normal for another and its valuable to restate that fact. Some women just don't have the drive that others do. For some women it is all about the intimacy and the rest does not matter. For other women once a month is fine and for others it is too little. If you are making love as often as you personally want to then it might just mean that you have found your own normal pattern and that's okay too.

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