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DaVinciHeaderThe Da Vinci BodyBoard, launched in summer 2013, combines strength training with cardio for a perfect interval workout program that’s tough and sheds pounds, but is doable for anyone! Literally. There’s a video of a 74-year-old-man working out with one... 

BodyBoarding classes have sprung up around the country as more people jump on the fitness craze, which offers everything from 'band dancing' to workouts inspired by yoga and Pilates – just a lot harder.

"I teach both mat and reformer Pilates as well as Barre. I thought I was in shape but after using the body board for 10 minutes I was sweating and already sore. It was truly humbling to be so challenged and engaged," Pilates & Barre Instructor Susannah S. said after a workout.

crossed band rowing

The BodyBoard also has some A-list fans who know what they’re talking about when it comes to fitness, including Joel Harper, trainer for Dr. Oz., and celeb trainer Nat Bardonnet, who is responsible for many A-list celebrities' perfect bodies such as Halle Barry.

The growing company is planning some new developments for the coming year. First, creator Floery Mahoney and her team plans to create a subscription club with new videos and routines every week to keep things fresh and interesting for users. They will also have trainers from all over the country offering nutritional advice as well as different ways to use a BodyBoard

The company is also looking to expand with a new and improved BodyBoard. Mahoney came up with the new BodyBoard model, which will be made from organic natural plant fibers and resin. Compared to plastic, the organic hemp-resin material is so durable that you can hit it with a hammer, and it’s also environmentally friendly!

These new BodyBoards will be manufactured here in the US and will be available for mass distribution next year once the model meets its Kickstarter goal

Looking to help Da Vinci BodyBoard kick off its new look and score a new board for yourself in the process? Go to the Da Vinci BodyBoard website to learn more, and get your bodacious body fitness on.

Photo Credit: Da Vinci BodyBoard

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