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As the weather gets hotter and vacation plans are set, women nationwide are letting out an audible groan. With warm weather also comes bikini season.

For many women, the options for swimwear are not enough. Whether it is for comfort or religious reasons, much of the swimwear out there can be too scant. But as you are fretting, there are designers out there who have alternatives to that itsy, bitsy bikini. 

“I tell men, imagine if your only choice was the speedo...that’s the reality for most women.” - Designer Debbie Kuhn



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For those who want to cover their stomach but don’t want to wear a rash guard or tankini, Allusions by A. Lekay has an alternative for you. Founder Altrichia Cook was a new mom who felt uncomfortable with her stomach after delivering her child, and sought to make a design that covered it. Even with maximum coverage, Cook’s suits are still sexy and embrace a curvy body.



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Have a preference to covering up your thighs when at the beach? Designer Debbie Kuhn of understands that problem. She has created a line of female swim trunks that provide coverage for all shapes. It all began after a friend of Kuhn's invited her for a swim.

Wanting coverage, Kuhn bought a pair of boy’s swim trunks and found that they were both covering and efficient. But for Kuhn, her line is not just about coverage, it’s also about confidence.

“You're a woman that wants to look nice, feel confident, comfortable," Kuhn told, adding "And be able to participate and play in the activities around summer, and not be on the sidelines because she doesn’t want to put on a bathing suit.” 

Kuhn also said “I tell men, imagine if your only choice was the speedo... that’s the reality for most women.”

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For when partial is not enough, and conservative looks are needed, online sites like provide styles that challenge the idea that covered is frumpy. The site offers moderate and full-coverage looks made from AquaZero fabric in stylish silhouettes.  

Now anyone can find a stylish suit for any body. All it takes is a click of the mouse and suit’s on!

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