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app-that-makes-you-joyfulA new app reads your heart rhythm to help you make the best decisions in your life! 

We’ve all had those moments in life when we are debating between two major life decisions. Well, a new app called Choice Compass may be the answer! Are you deciding between whether or not to have a second child or whether you should make a career change or not? Or maybe you simply cannot decide what to eat for dinner tonight. No matter the decision, this new app can help you to determine which decision will make you happier based on your heart rhythm. 

What is Choice Compass?

The innovative app was invented by Julia Mossbridge, the founder and director of Mossbridge Institute and a research associate in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University.

“People have a hard time making decisions,” says Mossbridge. “This app gives people another tool and it makes people really think about what they want.” 

First, you have to come up with two choices such as whether or not you should have a second child. In the app, you enter your first choice “have a second baby” and enter your second choice “don’t have a second child.” Next, you put your finger on the camera lens, which reads your heart rate activity, push start and think about all the outcomes of having a second child for 50 seconds. Then, still keeping your finger on the lens, press the start button for the other option and think about all the possible outcomes of not having another baby for 50 seconds. When your time is up, Choice Compass will calculate your results and tell you your scores and determine which choice will be more joyful for you. 

What’s Science Behind Choice Compass?

The system measures your heart activity and uses psychological algorithm to determine which of your heart patterns is most similar to an average joyful pattern.

“Your heart has its own brain and nerves and responds to moods,” says Mossbridge. “This app will give consistent results and is really good for those who want a second opinion.” You can use this app for any decision such as dating, jobs, education or even simple decisions like what meal to cook tonight. 

“Being forced to think about decisions in your life is valuable, regardless of the app’s decision. It’s therapeutic and forces you to concentrate,” she says. The app has gone through extensive scientific testing. Data proves that unconscious processing may have a better grasp of a situation than the conscious mind.

“This app helps you get in touch with what your body wants and needs and that makes you feel more comfortable when you know that your body is backing up your decisions,” she says. If you want to make better life decisions, head to ChoiceCompass.com to learn more about Mossbridge and to download the app! 

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