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If you like talking about politics and global issues, you need to download the new app Brigade, which has been called the "Tinder of politics" by one of its major investors. 

The app allows users to exchange political beliefs with a few swipes. 

Matt Mahan, the company’s CEO was inspired from his political debates with friends, families and neighbors.

“That’s the part where everyone does not like politics,” Mahan said.

Instead of focusing on matters of politics and money, the starting point for Brigade is providing information about the things and issues people care most about.

When creators were coming up with the name, they wanted something that would invoke people to come together on something they couldn’t do alone. Mahan said they thought of Ben Franklin and the Bucket Brigade.

Franklin's Bucket Brigade, or Union Fire Company, was a volunteer firefighting group created in 1736. The Bucket Brigade would gather buckets for carrying water to extinguish the flames and line up, one-by-one, to respond.

"There was no better symbol for citizens coming together by working in a coordinated way they couldn't do alone," Mahan said.

The app tracks trending topics, each of which will present you the user with three options: agree, disagree or unsure. You will then give your own opinion (110 characters per post). The app may recommend matching you with partners from national advocacy groups of your same interest.

So next time you aren’t sure about the issues and need some back-up ammunition, Brigade may be all you need to prove your point!

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