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We all know how distracting our smart phones and tablets can be, especially when driving. Cars like Cadillac, Chevy Impala and the Rav 4 are taking notes from our obsession with technology and applying it to their new car models. Car infotainment systems are becoming more popular as they allow one to use the same features you use on your tablet in your car while keeping you less distracted on the road.


The new Cadillac has an entertainment system called Cadillac User Experience or Q that acts just like a smart phone. It allows you to stay connected while not being distracted while on the road. The system is on the dashboard of the vehicle and the screen is completely guided by touch. You can use the same hang gestures you use on your smart phone or tablet, such as zooming, swiping and scrolling, but in your vehicle!

Rav 4

The new Rav 4 model is much more luxurious and sporty than previous models. They even removed the spare tire from the back of the car, which is a feature all Rav 4’s have had previously. This car has a great music system that includes Sirius XM Radio with 130 channels. It also has a new feature called NTune that uses your smart phone to power apps like Pandora Radio and IHeart Radio. You can also use the system to search on Bing, buy movie tickets with movieticket.com and even reserve a table at your favorite restaurant at opentable.com all from you car!

Technology is everywhere and now cars are including features that keep you in touch with the people around you. Using smart phone and tablet technology cars are becoming more advanced in their impressive infotainment systems while keeping you safe on the road.

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