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culinary-tattoos-trendWant to remember your grandmother's famous recipe? Get it tattooed.

So maybe you dont' need to go that far. While culinary tattoos are the trendy new subject of modern body ink tattooing, an entire recipe may be a little over the top for some.

Most of these tattoos include simple recipes and guide cooks through the process of making a dish. They don't, however, include details like measurements or timing as they are intended to be small enough to fit on your forearm.


Some of the tattoo recipes we've seen are called things like "grandmother artichokes," appetizers like dates balls, and main meals like spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes and anchovies.

So if you're hoping to take your ink beyond the cupcake and eggplant tattoos, but aren't quite ready to take the plunge with a permanent recipe, roll up your sleeves and try a temporary tattoo to see how much you enjoy it before going for the real ink.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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