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The classic cat eye is always in. How can you go wrong with something that can help you channel a 1960's Parisian bombshell and a 1950's glam greaser at the same time? This spring, try a revamped take on the classic eye makeup look straight from the runways. Here are some tips to help you pull these looks off at home.

Mod Squad


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Spotted on the runway at Versace’s spring show, this look is an update from a style made famous by original It Girl Twiggy in the '60s. This look is easily achieved with a black pencil liner. Overdraw the wing on your upper lid. Then continue the line over your crease, following the natural curve of your eye. Add some liner to your lower lash line, and blend gently in the corners for a dramatic effect. Add a touch of white liner to the inside corner of your eye and the inside of your lower lash line to make your eyes look even larger. A great look for a night on the town!

Graphic Liner


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Kenzo was one of the designers who did graphic liner the best on the runway. Get the bold pop of color with black liquid liner and the eye shadow color of your choice. Start by tracing the cat eye style that you want on your eye in black. Experiment with shorter or wider lengths depending on how much you want the look to stand out. Then, using a flat liner brush, begin tracing over the black lines, starting from the inside of the eye out. Go slowly, adding more color as you go so you stay in control of the look. Great for a dinner party!

Baby Doll Eyes


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Emulate the 1960's with this look that will make your eyes really stand out. Start by covering your lid from lash line to brow with white eye shadow. Line your inner lash line on your lower lid with white pencil (a great trick to use anytime you want your eyes to stand out.) Next, apply a brown shade following your eye’s natural arch slightly above the natural crease, extending slightly past your eye. Then apply a black shadow over this shadow, highlighting the crease for more effect. Now take a black liquid liner and give yourself a cat eye on your upper lid, make the line reasonably thick. For the baby doll look, take your liquid liner and make a series of thick dots along your lower lash line, drawing them out into small triangles. Go slowly to make sure you achieve the length you want. Finish with plenty of mascara!

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