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Get ready to sweat it out and pound it out with this new boutique trend workout! 

When Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom met in Los Angeles a few years ago, both were at points in their life where they didn't know what was to come next. Using their athletic backgrounds of ice skating, dance and gymnastics, plus their love of drumming and music, they crafted a creative new fitness class: POUND. 


POUND classes can be found all over the U.S., UK, Mexico, Canada, and Australia with 2,000 certified instructors. 

The class is a fun mix between Coachella and Pilates, incorporating a full body workout that focuses on the back and core. It uses two light weights for the arms, which are kind of like drumsticks, called Ripstix.

Tons of different styles of music are used such as Skrillex, Rage Against the Machine, and old-school hip-hop. A majority of the class is performed in a squatted position, really working that bum out!

You can buy Ripstix online for the class or just clap along to the beat or even use weight bracelets.

This new drumming workout fad is becoming quite popular, especially with its claim that one can shed up to 900 calories in a 45-minute class. Now, that claim will likely be different depending on body weight, size, etc.

For example, a firefighter in full body gear climbing a ladder for an hour could burn up to that many calories.  

The class overall does sound like a sweat-inducer! Would you want to try it out?

Photo Credit: Instagram



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