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New Holiday Lingerie Styles

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NEW-HOLIDAY-LINGERIE-STYLEPlush is the Word in Holiday Undies

As the seasons change, from fall to winter, so does the air temperature. Temperature changes produce a “chill in the air.” The air conditioner will be allowed to rest; and, the heater will be working hard to provide warmth and eliminate the “chill.” Unless the thermostat is set on 75 or 80 degrees, sleeping in a t-shirt (or lower) may not be a comfortable option for the winter months. Fortunately, today, there is a wide variety of options in women’s sexy winter sleepwear. There are lots of different styles and designs. This season’s new holiday lingerie styles offer options to suit any woman’s preference.

Stock Up on New Holiday Lingerie Styles

There are silky pajamas, soft night shirts, flowing gowns, and more. Now, wicking fabric is available in many women’s sleepwear styles, also. Wicking fabric is made to absorb moisture and pull it away from the skin. The moisture is brought to the surface of the fabric where it quickly evaporates. This type of sleepwear is fantastic for women experiencing hot flashes or when spending the night in a warmer environment. A lot of sexy styles and many modest styles are available in almost any size, as well. Ladies nightwear is not restricted to boring cotton or flannel pajamas anymore.

Everything from lingerie to the more conventional undies is available in a vast of array of attractive and comfortable designs. Today, cotton and flannel sleepwear can be found in many cute holiday styles. There are some fabrics that have a particularly appealing soft, “touchable” feel. Velour, velvet, and cashmere are a few popular, plush, touchable materials used for new holiday lingerie styles and undies. Some would say, “Plush is the word in holiday undies.” A soft, plush robe and fuzzy, warm slippers are terrific assets on a cold winter morning.

new_holiday_lingerieSweet and Sexy or Warm and Woolly Holiday Lingerie?

For many, the anticipation of long, cold winter nights conjures thoughts of cuddling by the fireplace or curling up with a good book. Warm and woolly holiday lingerie is perfect for both. Typically, “warm and woolly” are two words that are not really associated with the word “lingerie.”

Actually, the term “lingerie” has a French origin and a Latin origin. In old French, it means “linen.” The Latin term means “made from linen.” Today, it refers to women’s sleepwear, slips, camisoles, bras, panties, and hosiery.  Interestingly, the term “negligee” means “to neglect” in French and Latin. In English, it means “a woman’s dressing gown, usually made of soft or delicate fabric,” or “informal or incomplete attire.” Perhaps, women’s sexy nightwear first became identified as lingerie by a man who had felt neglected.

The new holiday lingerie styles include sexy “Santa” nighties and alluring “elf” sleepwear for women who are feeling particularly “jolly” or “merry” during the holiday season. There are red satin bow thongs, also.   

Women’s holiday sleepwear is available in an extensive variety of designs, styles and fabrics. There are appropriate styles to suit every occasion. The variety of fabrics used to make gowns, pajamas, baby dolls, camis, teddies, and robes can be selected for warmth or sex appeal. Most department stores and boutiques will have this season’s new holiday lingerie styles on display by Thanksgiving or soon after. Consumers can find terrific deals on attractive women’s holiday sleepwear and lingerie online. It is a great way to find popular or unique nightwear, as well.

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