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new-moms-stay-in-shape-with-mom-a-baby-workout-program-stroller-stridesThis mom and baby workout program called Stroller Strides® helps new moms burn calories, create friendships, and have fun with the little ones.

Stroller-based fitness program, Stroller Strides®, keeps moms active and in shape through 60 minutes of a total body workout. Moms follow a variety of exercise formats led by certified fitness instructors and participate in workouts that include power walking, strength and body toning.


Lifestyle expert Andrea Metcalf spotlights Stroller Strides® mall workouts for fit moms who agree with “Sex and the City’s” Carrie Bradshaw that “shopping is my cardio.”

Fitness for Moms


Motherhood can be synonymous with lost freedoms, and the freedom to schedule a workout into your day as a new mom can feel impossible. New moms rely on at-home Pinterest workouts or Jillian Michaels DVDs for workouts that can be interrupted by a fussy or hungry little one.


Joining a local Stroller Strides® program designates a time of day for your workout and includes that little babe who consumes your love and attention. The program promotes “Strength for Motherhood” and provides moms with opportunities to not only stay fit, but meet other friendly and fitness-minded mothers while having fun. Moms progress toward physical goals and emotional wellness as well as experience optimal health inspiration, support, and education. 


While stroller striding at the mall, moms will perform exercises such as lunges, side lunges, leg lifts, and knee raises. 


Mommy Workouts


An in-shape mom tells Womensforum.com that Stroller Strides® is the perfect workout for moms who feel time is limited. Another mom adds that working out with Stroller Strides® is so much easier because you don’t have to find a babysitter. Instructors also make sure to involve the babies for a happy, total-body workout that works all areas from arms to abs. The program attracts moms because they can work out and find time for themselves away from home and outside gym walls. 


Retail Therapy & Healthy Snacking


After sweating it out, moms can team up to go shopping and check out trendy fitness fashions for motivation and stylish exercising. For post-workout healthy snacks, FEED (Forming Early Eating Decisions) founder and nutritionist Lara Field recommends moms and kids receive calcium-rich dairy products, such as Greek yogurt, and protein-rich foods in small quantities for kid-size portions. 


Find a Stroller Strides® class near you by visiting fit4mom.com. Tone up, burn calories, make friends, and have fun - all with your little one at your side.

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