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iStock 511920312 CroppedThe pitter patter of little feet is a sound many of us begin to crave, especially as we grow older and by feet we mean…paws. The term for this is "proody’", and we’d say over 50% of us give into this craving and make the big life changing decision to bring a puppy into our lives. We all do our research, look around and try to figure out the right breed and the right dog, but really once you've decided that you're getting a dog the next phase starts and the nesting begins, it's time to start your ticking off your puppy checklist. So we've made it easy and decided to help you prepare for everything you need with our very own puppy checklist.

Sleeping Time

Your new puppy needs somewhere to sleep - obvious right? But there are a number of different bed sizes, shapes, materials out there and you need to try figure out not only what's right for you but what will be right for your dog. One of the safest and greatest training tools is a crate, since this is their safe space where they can disappear to when things get a bit overwhelming or when they simply want some alone time.

Start small and work your way up (your puppy should just have enough room to stretch and stand up) if they find their crate too big they may see it as a bedroom with an en suite bathroom, and nobody wants that! There's no need to spend a fortune on their first bed as chances are they are going to destroy it, some old pillows and blankets or a small round dog bed with old blankets should suffice. This bestseller is only $29.99 on Amazon.

Doggie Dishes

All they do is eat, drink, sleep, repeat - therefore you will need dog bowls for their food and water. Keep it simple with these easy-to-clean aluminum dishes from Amazon for only $10.49



Pups just want to have fun - plenty of toys are needed to keep them stimulated and entertained as a bored puppy becomes a destructible one. Get a few soft toys for comfort (a good tip if you can is to take a soft toy to stay with them whilst they're growing up with mum and sibling: that way when you come home it provides them with comfort) and plenty of hard toys for those teething times. Since you don't know what your puppy will like at first, why not buy a mixed bag of toys and you can narrow down from there. This bundle is $13.99 on Amazon and the profits go to a nonprofit dog rescue. Win-win! 

Toilet Talk

This is not the cutest point but still an important one. Puppies need to go a lot and at the start you may find yourself doing a lot of cleaning up indoors. Make sure you have a good supply of poo bags and odour eliminating spray. Another popular training method is puppy pads (better for them to on a pad than the carpet if they must go indoors). Stock up on puppy pads the easy way with AmazonBasics - a 100 count pack is only $16.99


Walking Accessories

Although puppies shouldn't go outdoors until they've had their vaccinations it's good to get them used to them. Whether it's travelling with them in the car to the vets or walking around the garden. So make sure you have a lead, collar, name tag and possibly a harness. This highly rated set is $12.99 on Amazon. 

Pet Insurance

It's better to be safe than sorry, so pet insurance is an absolute must. Puppies can be prone to health issues as they're a bit more fragile than full grown dogs and also can come across a number of issues and illnesses. It's best to get insured from the start just in case. There are a lot of options, but Consumer Advocate reviews can help you narrow things down. 

Puppy Pantry

They're one true love (other than you of course) is food and plenty of it. When you first bring home a puppy they will likely be eating three or four meals a day so stock up! Find out what kind of food they've been getting from the shelter or breeder where you got your puppy, and stick to that for at least a month to allow for their tummies to settle. Changing their food too quickly can cause major tummy upset.

So there you have it, your puppy checklist! Good luck with your new bundle of puppy love!


Lauren Depass is an aspiring novelist, freelance writer and blogger at A Yorkshire Soul. The topics you will most likely find her writing about are women's lifestyle, relationships, beauty and mental health. When she's away from the keyboard she's usually reading, knitting or searching for penguin documentaries.

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