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new-research-running-health-risk-video-2Can running be bad for you?

We sometimes hear that too much of good thing could be a bad thing. Well, this might be applied to running as well. Even though most daily exercise is great for the body, new research shows that running more than 30 miles per week may actually be damaging to one’s health.



Study Shows Running May Lead to Health Risk

Running has great cardiac health benefits and helps to lower cholesterol levels and improve blood pressure, but recent research shows that for “extreme exercisers,there may also be a greater risk of atrial fibrillation and the growth of coronary-artery plaque. There is also concern that the increased longevity of life that comes from running peaks at about 30 miles per week, that is, running more than this amount will not make an individual live any longer, but can rather cause harmful heart inflammation that can ultimately lead to heart disease.  

There is growing concern among doctors that individuals who run this many miles a week for years never give their hearts a chance to heal.  Over-running can lead to over-stretching one’s heart or tearing its muscle fibers, which is damage that looks similar to that done by a heart attack.  For now, however, most doctors still maintain that most exercise is beneficial on a daily basis and are far from deeming running as bad for individuals.

Now we are not saying that any exercise is bad for the body, but that "over-training" and "over-exercising" may have diminishing returns.  Here's a good excuse to give your body a break every now and then!

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