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cancer happyNew research has been released in the Journal Nature Cell Biology which may be a cure for cancer. Cancer cells have been turned off which may result in reverse tumor growth. Typically cells replace themselves by dividing constantly. In cancer, these cells never stop dividing which leads to tumor growth.

Microprocessor like cells, called microRNA instruct the cells to stop dividing when they have replaced themselves. But in cancer, these microRNA’s do not produce a certain protein to stop the dividing, and cells continue to replicate. Scientists removed the microRNA’s and found they could switch on cancer cells, which led to the discovery of being able to turn them off.

This news has many excited. Scientists at the Mayo Clinic are encouraged by the ability to slow down and cease cancerous cell growth.

“We should be able to re-establish the brakes and restore normal cell function,” said Prof Panos Anastasiadis, of the Department for Cancer Biology.

“Initial experiments in some aggressive types of cancer are indeed very promising. It represents an unexpected new biology that provides the code, the software for turning off cancer.”

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