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New “Smiles” or 2C-1 Killer Drug on Street

new-smiles-or-2c-1-killer-drug-on-streetThere is a New "Bath Salt” Drug that is Killing Our Teens.

Parents, beware. A new street drug is sweeping the Midwest and very likely may already be in your area. The new drug, called 2C-1 or “Smiles” is killing teens. The middle states, or midwest, are getting hit the hardest, more notably North Dakota, where two teens recently died within a day of each other. "Smiles" or 2C-1 has also sent many more teens to the emergency room.

Overdoses of 2C-1 have also been reported in Minnesota and Indiana. If the drug has not reached your area yet, there is no doubt that it soon will.

2C-1 “Smiles” Drug

The 17-year-old boy overdosed on "Smiles" by ingesting it in part of a candy bar. The teen was described as foaming at the mouth, shaking and making growling noises. Police reports note that the boy was at a local McDonalds with a friend and started to feel ill. Soon, he was smashing his head on the ground and acting strange, some say, “possessed.” He stopped breathing two hours later, after taking the new drug "Smiles."

Just the day before, another teen was found dead on the sidewalk, also having taken the drug "Smiles."

The Internet and YouTube are broadcasting the “fun” effects of this synthetic hallucinogen. Overdosing on “Smiles” or 2C-1, can cause kidney failure, seizures and blood pressure spikes so high that it kills.  According to the Poison Control Center in Indiana, the teens go rigid because their muscles cannot uncontract. Then, their temperatures skyrocket. Unless the teen gets help immediately and aggressively, they will die from overdosing on "Smiles" or 2C-1.

What is 2C-1 or “Smiles?”

  • The drug, 2C-1 or “Smiles” is a combination of LSD and MDMA, yet incredibly more potent. Those that have used 2C-1 have reported it being an “upper” with extreme aural and visual hallucinations that can last for days, depending on the dosage.
  • Dosage amounts vary and confuse users, prompting them to overdose. The drug is usually used in pill, liquid and powder form. Powder form is difficult to measure and when 2C-P users snort it, they may not know how much they are ingesting.
  • 2C-1 or “Smiles” is popular among teens, although the military and athletes use it because it is untraceable by drug tests. At the same time, doctors are baffled by emergency room behavior when the toxicology tests turn out negative.
  • The DEA has launched a new program called Operation Log Jam to become aware of and target those designer drugs that are synthetic. In addition, the drug 2C-1 has been categorized as a Schedule 1 substance, warning that distribution and possession of the drug is illegal. Those caught now face serious criminal charges.

We hope this information on the new "Smiles" drug is helpful. Be sure to educate your teen about "Smiles" or 2C-1 and about all drugs in general. Keep yourself educated!

Shannon Walker
Shannon Walker

Greetings Womensforum.com Readers :-),

I am so happy to be writing for Women's Forum on issues that affect women.

Being a mom of four, (including three teenagers) has its challenges.  But as crazy as life gets I just try to take life one day at a time and seek out the humor whenever possible.

I have a journalism degree from South Dakota State University and had high aspirations to be a writer, but then I had children.  So, I was a stay at home mom and worked as personal trainer and water aerobics instructor to get out of the house while the kids were young.  Which brings me to the present, where now I can actually do what I love: writing and drawing!  And writing for Womensforum.com has been very rewarding.

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Shannon Ritter Walker

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