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new-study-mediterranean-diet-provides-massive-health-benefitsEat like a Greek! New study shows that the Mediterranean Diet is a healthy way to eat!

Many of us have heard the mantra that the Mediterranean Diet is a healthy way to eat. But now, we have real proof as evidenced by a recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine.

The Mediterranean Diet reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by 30 percent. When looking at the diet, which is abundant in legumes, fish, fruit and vegetables, along with olive oil, it just makes sense! And, the big benefit of the Mediterranean Diet is that this way of eating is that of a diet one can participate in for a lifetime.

Mediterranean Diet Study

The Mediterranean Diet study involved 7,400 people that were pegged as to be potential risk for heart disease. Some were given the Mediterranean Diet, and others were given a low-fat diet. The results were so dramatic that the study was halted early.

The study, conducted in Spain, researched individuals aged 55-to-80 that were generally healthy but did have heart-disease risk; for example, family history, smoking, overweight, elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure.

The participants were sectioned off into three groups. Two of the groups followed the Mediterranean Diet, even supplementing their eating habits with extra-virgin olive oil (4 tablespoons per day). The third group was advised to eat a low-fat diet, meaning lean meats and low-fat dairy products while supplementing it with hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds.

The two groups on the Mediterranean Diet reduced their risk of heart disease, while the low-fat diet group reduced their risk of stroke.

The bottom line is that if you want to promote good health with your families, it is recommended that you eat a serving of fruit every day, two tennis-ball-sized servings of vegetables and when cooking, use olive oil. And don't forget the nuts! Walnuts are the best choice with the goal being 12 per day. This is because the nuts have omega-3's that are plant-based.

Happy eating!

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