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If you're convinced that men and women view cheating differently, you're right! It’s been difficult to pinpoint the opposite perspectives that men and women have when it comes to infidelity. If you’ve ever gotten into an argument about the topic with a guy, you’re not alone. Researchers at Kansas State University attempted to get to the bottom of the differences by studying 238 men and 239 women and asked them questions centered around the two different types of cheating: emotional and sexual. 

The focus of the study was meant to help find the source of one’s views about cheating. But in the end, the experts discovered that men and women have varying views on infidelity, period.

For example, one question participants were asked was, “Which would distress you more: Imaging your partner enjoying passionate sexual intercourse with another person or imaging your partner forming a deep emotional attachment with another person?”


Researches said they came to the conclusion that, “Males reported that sexual infidelity scenarios were relatively more distressing than emotional infidelity scenarios, and the opposite was true of females.” 

In more simple terms, men were more angry about sexual cheating while women got more worked up about emotional cheating. 

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