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New moms conflicting adviceEven strangers in the elevator may start spewing out advice unsolicited when they see a new mom with a infant or toddler. And although friends and family may sound convincing, the advice from our pediatricians is something most followed. But maybe your pediatrician isn't on the mark!  

Could your doctor be giving you bad advice?

A recent study from the Pediatrics Publications surveyed over 1,000 new moms to find out that advice from doctors, friends and families can be conflicting from the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Maternal Report of Advice Received for Infant Care showed that "although doctors were the most prevalent source of reported advice, 20% of mothers reported no doctor advice for breastfeeding or sleep position, and more than 50% reported no advice regarding sleep location or pacifier use. Reported advice from nurses was generally similar to doctors. The prevalence of any advice from family or media was 20% to 56% for nearly all care practices, and advice given was often inconsistent with recommendations."

Clearly, we hold dear what our mothers and friends are telling us in care for our children. Maybe it is that other information is more accessible.

It seems that the average doctor visit of less than 10 minutes may not be enough to get the information a new mom needs. From breast feeding to sleeping positions, it's difficult to get all the information.

Best place to check is the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

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