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new-study-shows-women-bring-home-the-baconMoms are earning more than dads in almost one in four households, and there’s research to prove it. 

This is a huge step for women when you think about the small handful who were breadwinners a short 50 years ago (11 percent to be exact). Those days, women were still fighting for equal pay and equal work.

Of course, this is still a challenge today, as women’s earnings compared to men is 78 cents to the dollar. But today, women are top earners in almost 25 percent of homes. Still, there are pros and cons to these numbers.

Yes, women are getting more advanced degrees like master’s and Ph.D.’s to advance them closer towards men’s earnings. But, it is difficult to overlook the surging number of single mothers living near or at poverty- who have no male counterpart to compare themselves to. 

Here’s a further breakdown: The U.S. Bureau and Pew Research Center found that out of the women who make more than their husbands, 71 percent of the husbands are employed and the household median income is about $80,000. In addition, this trend isn’t just for Hollywood starlets like Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts, who are often in the headlines for this very reason. 49 percent of the wives earning more than their husbands have at least a college degree and 67 percent are in the prime of their career- between 30 and 50 years old. 

The results of this innovative research have gotten mixed feedback. According to Pew, 67 percent said that this shift actually makes it easier to earn more money, while 28 percent said it was harder and 2 percent said it doesn’t matter.

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