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No more bulky, unwieldy carts. No more stubbed toes. No more running into aisles as you try to make turns. Check out the new and improved shopping carts of the future. 

17705-cart-red-squareThings have changed at supermarkets in the last few decades, but the shopping cart isn’t one of them. Sure, there’s plastic instead of metal and improvements to the child’s seat, but the basic design has been status quo — until now.




The inventor of the supermarket shopping cart was Sylvan Nathan "Syl" Goldman, back in 1936.

 He established the Folding Basket Carrier Company to manufacture his invention. 

It was just the beginning of a list of creations that revolutionized the grocery industry: the grocery sacker, the folding interoffice basket carrier, and the handy milk bottle rack.



Goldman shopping cart in use at a Humpty Dumpty grocery store
Barney Hillerman Collection

International company Araven has introduced the Shop and Roll Loop. The 3.5-cubic-foot cart combines the ample capacity of current carts with a design that takes up less space, stacks more easily, produces less noise and easily slips around corridors and corners.

Consumers who have used the cart are drawn to its ergonomics. Designed with a perimeter handle, the cart can be steered from any side and easily changes course, forward or back.

The cart is also reported to improve accessibility as goods are unloaded for checkout, resulting in less bending and lifting.

Araven reports the Stop and Roll Loop delivers a 33 percent increase in customer satisfaction and a lift in supermarket sales of up to 14 percent.

Sounds like an innovation supermarket operators should cart away quickly.


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