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new-trend-in-men-lumbersexualsThere is a new trend amongst men... and it’s putting the Brawny Man to shame! 

Though beards and masculinity have been paired together for some time, it takes the web (GearJunkie to be exact) to really make it trending... and the term for this manly man trend is "Lumbersexual."  

Essentially, lumbersexual men have a masculine-hipster look, rugged and unkempt in a sexy way.

Tom Puzak at GearJunkie, a publication for product reviews and news in the world of the outdoors, put it perfectly.

"Today, the metrosexual is a disappearing breed being quickly replaced by men more concerned with existing in the outdoors, or the pseudo-outdoors, than meticulous grooming habits. He is bar-hopping, but he looks like he could fell a Norway Pine. He looks like a man of the woods, but works at The Nerdery, programming for a healthy salary and benefits. His backpack carries a MacBook Air, but looks like it should carry a lumberjack's axe. He is the Lumbersexual."


A photo posted by Mr. Lumbersexual (@lumbersexual) on

A lumbersexual is intriguing as he is able to maintain a rough but dapper look, as if he can both charm you and chop down trees. 

The new look has captivated thousands of men, clothing lines and perhaps even celebrities! Kanye West has been a longtime devotee to flannel wear, off-screen Ben Affleck has a sexy scruffy, rugged look and David Beckham, who always looks good no matter what he wears, has started to grow out his facial hair and looks steamy in flannel shirts and worn jeans. 

There's been pros and cons, love and hate toward this look even being described as a trend - evidence here

Puzak explained the many possible reasons for why lumbersexuals are coming out/being recognized. 

"Whether the roots of the lumbersexual are a cultural shift toward environmentalism, rebellion against the grind of 9-5 office jobs, or simply recognition that outdoor gear is just more comfortable, functional and durable, the Lumbersexual is on the rise." 

Want to find one of these guys out in the wild? They are reportedly most likely to be found in L.A. or New York, and perhaps even east London. Or in our opinion, you could find a truly authentic one literally in the woods, perhaps midwest or even down south.

Are you into this trend? Is it even a trend or just us circling back and appreciating a long-lost look? 

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