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It happens to all of us. It's Sunday night and you're at the grocery store trying to figure out what to make for dinner without any repeats from the last few weeks. When our schedules get hectic, the weekend dinner rotation starts getting a little mundane, but who has time to think of a whole new dinner menu for the family? We'd love to meet the mom who does, because we've got some awards for her. 

So the next time your kids groan when you say you're making lasagna, yes, again, surprise them and add some color to your go-to dishes by simply switching up a few of the ingredients.

3 Flavorful Twists Your Family Will Love

1. An easy, delicious way to completely change the feel of a meal is by changing out cheeses or sauces. That plain pasta you've got stockpiled in the pantry can become a multitude of dishes - spicy to exotic to comfort food - thanks to some smart sauce switches. Layers of ricotta cheese are essential for the creaminess that we all love in classic lasagna, but playing with a baked cheese crust could make for a memorable family meal. Opt for a tangy flavor like Gruyere cheese for a whole new taste experience and very, very filled tummies.


2. Different variations of meats can easily put a few new twists on your family classics. This is extremely easy to do with sausage as Johnsonville has variations available in its ground sausage lineup, with a bunch of different flavors from sweet Italian to spicy to mild flavorings. For example, crumbled sweet Italian sausage links meld really well with sweeter ingredients such as plum tomatoes and contrasts against salty flavors like the Kalamata olives in this baked ziti recipe


3. One of the best ways to add some pizzazz to a casserole-type dish like lasagna or ziti is to add some unusual textures amidst all the cheesy deliciousness and soft noodles. Our personal favorite? Breaded eggplant is surprisingly yummy and a great way to sneak in some extra vegetables without starting a revolt at the dinner table! Simply dip eggplant slices in egg yolk and roll in Italian breadcrumbs before frying until brown on both sides, then put the crispy slices between layers of noodles and cheese. Trust us - the texture and little kick of Italian spices will be a hit with your family!

Love these ideas? Share with friends, family and fellow moms who are in need of yummy new dinner recipes to try. Get started by pinning and sharing this easy fried eggplant recipe below!



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