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Next week, a new app by Kim Kardashian will be available for download! 

One of the most controversial and talked about reality stars of all time, Kim Kardashian, has her very first video game coming out. Kim released a video on her Instagram about what the video game will be like. We have to admit - Kim looks pretty cute as a cartoon! 

‘Kim Kardashian Hollywood’ Video Game 

The point of the game is to rise to fame, date men and create your own aspiring celebrity. Pretty stereotypical but to the point when it comes to life in L.A. 

You go on fabulous dates, find love, try on different outfits, hit the clubs, and do everything else a celebrity does! The game begins with newlywed Kim saying, "Hey doll" and letting you choose your own celebrity destiny.

You can download her new app in the App Store and Google Play. 

While the game has already received mixed reviews, Kim could not be more excited about this new venture.

The new Mrs. Kanye West also posted a photo of her in the studio where she was recording voiceovers for the video game. If you want to learn more, watch Kim’s trailer online and download the app next week! 

Photo Credit: Instagram 

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