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indo-yoga-board-1Attention Yogis! We have the inside scoop on your favorite new product.

Yoga is being taken to the next level thanks to the Indo Yoga Board, an invention created to give Yogis even more of a challenge during their workout. Yoga is known to be an unstable practice, so while yoga mats are stable on the ground, the Indo Yoga board adds an unstable foundation for even more of a workout! We got the inside scoop on this creation from the inventor himself, Hunter Joslin!

indo-yoga-board-2Q&A with Hunter Joslin

WF: How exactly does the Indo Yoga Board work?

HJ: The Indo Yoga Board has four rockers attached to the bottom, equally spaced to create an unstable platform on which to practice yoga. I designed the board to accommodate all levels of ability by incorporating three IndoFLO® air cushions equally spaced under the board and between the rockers that increase the difficulty levels depending on how much air is in them.

WF: How does the Indo Yoga Board differ from a typical Yoga Mat?

HJ: A typical yoga mat does not move! Yoga is an unstable practice all by itself so logically, if you add an unstable foundation, the physical requirements exponentially increase. Most yoga enthusiasts are fine doing yoga on a mat, but some are looking for a new challenge or to go to the next level in their practice. The Indo Yoga Board provides a fun, physically and mentally challenging yoga session.

WF: What are the benefits of using an Indo Yoga Board?

HJ: There are three main benefits immediately evident when using the Indo Yoga Board. First is the increase in the physicality, with more core recruitment required. Second is the mental focus required to successfully execute each posture. Third is the immediate reality of any weak points that one may or may not be aware of.

WF: How can using the Indo Yoga Board help to repair any yoga, paddle boarding, or surfing injuries that one may have?

HJ: I’m sure that the Indo Yoga Board can be incorporated into a comprehensive injury rehabilitation program for injuries sustained from participating in many sports and physical activities. There is a great progression from basic instability to very challenging with the board which aids in a well orchestrated rehab program. Balance and stability are aspects that the Indo Yoga Board addresses with a wide variety of exercises available due to the ability of changing the challenges simply by orientating oneself facing the ends of the board (parallel to the axis) or facing off the side of the board (perpendicular to the axis).

WF: What are the differences on the types of boards you offer?

HJ: There are eight different models of Indo Boards available on the web site (www.indoboard.com). All work well for having fun whether cross training for a particular sport, for use as an overall fitness tool or just to have fun trying trying to balance the boards with out touching the ground. All the different models do the same basic things as the Indo Original model but each individual one does something particularly better. For example the Pro offers more room to walk on the deck. The Mini Pro is specifically designed to feel and spin like a wake-board or snowboard. The Kicktails are designed to accomplish skateboard specific tricks. The Rocker deck is for advanced riding after mastering the Original board. Finally the Mini Original is specifically for children ages 3-8.

WF: Does using a Yoga Board have more workout benefits than doing a typical Yoga workout?

HJ: The Indo Yoga Board increases the physical effort by at least 30 percent. The entire bodies balance systems are working overtime to establish stability which creates a quick perspiration response. Most yoga routines take about 3 to 4 minutes for sweat to become noticeable, while the onset of sweat is about 20 to 30 second on the Indo Yoga Board.

WF: Is there anything else you’d like people to know about the Indo Yoga Board?

HJ: The Indo Yoga Board is the new challenge to take Yoga enthusiasts to the next level of their practice. Many instructors crave a new challenge, for themselves and their clients and this is exactly what they are looking for.

WF: Fun question: What has been your favorite experience with the Indo Yoga Board so far and why?

HJ: Going to the National and International Yoga Asana championships in 2013 was a great experience for me to see the best yogis in the world compete. I was able to work with Joseph Encinia (1012 National and International Champion) and Jared McCann (2013 National and International Champion) on the Indo Yoga Board and learn from them the improvements to their practice they were/are experiencing. The Indo Yoga Board works for beginners to International Champions and that feels pretty darn good as the designer of this functional product.


Photo Credit: Indo Yoga Board

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