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new-weight-loss-drug-approvedNew Hope for Those Trying to Lose Weight.

For those of us that have trouble keeping the weight off, a new weight-loss drug, Qsymia, has been approved by the FDA. This is the second new obesity drug that has been approved for the masses in two months. Qysmia is a mixture of the drug topiramate, an anti-seizure drug, and phentermine.

The goal of the new weight-loss drug is to assist the obese and the overweight in losing a few pounds as they work to change their lifestyle habits into healthy ones. And when the patient has learned good eating habits, how to control their appetite, and has lost a significant amount of weight, the weight loss medication is stopped because the patient is motivated to continue.

New Obesity Drug Approved

Doctors are cautiously optimistic about the new obesity drug. Many are waiting to see if it really helps before prescribing it for their patients. But the new option is good news for those with weight loss struggles, according to The Obesity Society. The medication will help those in health care treat obesity more successfully and give a new option, since different drugs work for different patients. In addition, the approval by the FDA shows that they are taking the obesity crisis seriously and working to approve drugs deemed safe.

Side Effects of Qysmia

Other doctors are concerned about the side effects, such as an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. In addition, the drug has been linked to birth defects, which is why the FDA would not approve the pill a few years ago. It is uncertain why the drug has now been approved. And the cautiously optimistic doctors point out that previous weight loss drugs have had poor track records.

Of course, there is money to be made on the weight-loss drug Qysmia. Estimates are that the sale of Qysmia and the other new obesity drug, Belviq will produce $1 billion worth every year. Investors are going ofter the financial benefits. Qysmia will be available only through carefully selected pharmacies, due to what is called the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy, which aims to inform physicians and patients of the drug's harmful side effects.

How to Lose Weight with Qysmia

As a personal trainer, the most frustrating part for my client and me is when he or she does not see results right away. Oftentimes, it is because while the person is working out regularly, they are going home and pigging out. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs. per week and patience is needed. When I get a client changing lifestyle habits and they see results, they are motivated to continue.

Here's hoping this obesity drug can assist in quick results early on, motivating the patients to be more healthy by doing the rest of the weight loss themselves!

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