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NEW-YEARS-eve-fun-without-gAs great as it is to go out on New Years Eve, staying in can be just as fun! You can still have some New Year's Eve fun without going out. From staying in with your main squeeze to having a girls' night, have some New Year's Eve fun without going out and save some money.

New Year's Eve Fun With the Girls 

Attention single ladies - go have some New Year's Eve fun without going out with your fellow girls. You don’t need to go to an overpriced club with overpriced drinks to have fun. Try some of these ideas for a ladies night-in on New Year's Eve:

  • DECORATE: Decorate before the girls arrive so your house will be adorable and they will be impressed.
  • DANCE PARTY: Rent some dance video games and have a dance party with the girls.
  • POTLUCK: Have each of your girlfriends bring something to eat and drink for a yummy, huge spread.
  • MOVIE NIGHT: Rent some chick flicks and pair it with wine and dessert.

New Year's Eve Fun With the Man

Cozy up for a one-on-one night with your man with these great ideas! 

  • ROMANTIC DINNER: Candles, pretty placemats, a bottle of wine, a delicious dinner, dim the lights, play sensual music and enjoy each other’s company with a romantic dinner. 
  • DANCE PARTY: Have a few drinks and get a little crazy with your boyfriend or husband and have a dance party. Play some dance video games or just blast some fun music and let loose in the living room.
  • COOK TOGETHER: Pick a new meal you two have never tried before and cook it together. Even go as far as to bake some dessert for later too.
  • COZY UP AND WATCH THE BALL DROP: Get comfy on the couch with a blanket, some wine, and a little dessert and watch the ball drop together. 

New Year's Eve Fun With the Family 

Head home to spend time with your parents and siblings. Bring your boyfriend or husband and kids for a fun family gathering.

  • GAME NIGHT: Play some good old fashion board games or try charades. 
  • POTLUCK: Have everyone in the family bring something to eat or drink. There will be plenty to each and a great variety.
  • DECORATE: Get there early to help your family decorate the house. Decorate with some streamers, balloons, table centerpieces, and more.
  • BAKE: Before midnight, bake a few yummy desserts together. Have the kids decorate the cookies and brownies and the adults bake them. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have some New Year's Eve fun; you can have fun on New Years Eve without going out with these exciting options! 

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