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We all want to start the new year off in a positive, serendipitous fashion. So whether you are mildly superstitious, a true believer in all things mystical and supernatural, or a skeptic who's just going along with it, check out some of these interesting good luck traditions from around the world and try a few for good luck and a wonderful 2017!

Eat Twelve Grapes At Midnight.

This Spanish tradition of eating twelve grapes all at once at midnight started as a way to determine whether each month of the upcoming year would be sweet or bitter based on the flavor of the grapes. Now we can choose, so pick out twelve sweet grapes for twelve happy months! 

Pick Up Some Pomegranates. 

They represent an abundance of health, fertility, and prosperity. And who doesn't desire those positive things in the new year? What's more, you can use this tasty fruit to predict your fortune - in Greece the tradition is to smash a pomegranate on the floor in front of a door and count the seeds. The more seeds, the more luck you'll have in the new year! 

Enjoy Some Delicious Noodles.

A long noodle means a long life, so it's become common in some cultures (although it's actually part of the official observation in Japan) to dine on dishes that feature long noodles for health and longevity in the new year. It's even better if you can eat your noodles without breaking them, so work on your slurping technique before NYE.

Or Deviled Eggs.

These tasty little snacks also signify longevity and good health. 

Put A Ring On Your Dessert.

Donuts, bundt cakes, and other ring-shaped foods symbolize the year coming full circle (plus they are delicious). If you bake a cake, hide a coin inside as a bonus good luck charm for the lucky person who gets the coin on their slice.

Make Pork The Main Dish.

The pig symbolizes progress and pushing things forward, so it is only natural that we enjoy all things pork-related in the New Year. Perhaps pork chops or a tenderloin might be in order for dinner? 

Or Perhaps A Whole Fish.

The word for "fish" in Chinese is similar to abundance, making the a whole fish perhaps the ideal New Year's main dish. Plus the scales resemble money, and fish always swim forward, representing progress towards a goal. 

Eat Your Greens.

Leafy green veggies like cabbage, spinach, kale, and other healthy favorites symbolize money and therefore wealth and prosperity in the new year. Now that green juice or smoothie is extra-good for you! 

Lentils Are Also Lucky.

Because they resemble coins, eating lentils in the New Year means good things for your finances. 

Herring Is Lucky Too.

Because the silvery fish also resemble coins, so it's a tradition in Scandinavia, Russia, and the Philippines to eat herring on New Year's Eve. 

So Is Cornbread.

Because it looks like a hunk of gold (if you squint. A lot). Sense a theme here? Consuming foods that look like money or precious metals means you'll hopefully have a lot of those things coming your way in 2017. 

And So Are Black-Eyed Peas.

They bring prosperity and happiness according to tradition in the southern U.S. Hoppin' John is the classic dish, but however you prepare them, serve them with some collard greens for an extra dose of luck. 

Clearly, if you want to have plenty of luck in 2017, you'll want to make sure that luck is on the menu. Happy New Year - and happy dining!  









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