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The new year is a time for positive changes for everyone - and that can and should include your pets! 

While they might not have the ability to actually state their resolutions, you should help them out. As a responsible pet owner (or pet parent, if you prefer), think about all the things that you can do to help them be a happier, healthier critter in the new year. 

Improve their diet.

 Diets aren't just for humans. Moderating your pet's intake and/or switching them to a new, nutritious diet based on whole foods might be the best thing you can do for the animals you love. Measure out their food to make sure they get the proper amount every day and make sure they are eating an age appropriate diet. 

Update Their IDs.  

Your cat or dog might not need their driver's license or passport renewed or to file a change of address, but they do need their IDs updated if you've moved in the past year or so! Update their microchip and get them new tags for their collars if necessary - even if they are well-trained or don't go outdoors - you never know when your indoor scaredy cat might escape to explore or your well-behaved dog might see something tempting and bolt. 

Work On Their Appearance.

Beauty and grooming matter to your pets too! Schedule regular appointments with the groomers or just devote some time to brushing, clipping their nails, and otherwise grooming them yourself (it's great bonding time). Don't forget their oral hygiene too - a little tooth brushing and attention to your cat or dog's dental health goes a long way! 

Help Them Exercise.

Setting aside time for walks, visits to the dog park, or even just dedicated play time can make all the difference in your pet's activity levels and therefore overall health. Plus you can get a bit of a work out in too!

Try Something New.

Maybe your dog would like to go exploring in a nearby park or learn how to play frisbee. Maybe your cat would love a laser pointer much more than you thought. Humans aren't the only creatures that crave novelty, after all. 

Encourage Them To Socialize.

Everyone needs friends, including your pets (well, maybe not Grumpy Cat). But if you have a dog, they probably do! So take them to the dog park, get to know your neighborhood dog friends, or even adopt a brother or sister for them.

Teach Them Some Cool Tricks.

Or some discipline with a behavioral training class. Old dogs can learn new tricks, and new puppies need to learn how to interact with other dogs and humans! Plus, the time spent bonding with and learning about your dog can be a wonderful investment.

Schedule An Annual Check-up.

Like humans, even the healthiest pets need regular checkups. Make an appointment and be sure to collect your questions and concerns about your furry friend's health beforehand in order to make the most of your time with a professional.

Out with the old, in with the new healthier lifestyle for your pet! And while they can't tell you (in so many words, at least) that they are hoping you do these things, you can read between the lines - or read into their adorable expressions. Resolve to make 2019 their - and your - best year yet!


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