New Clothes for YogisLearn how to style yourself for Yoga.

It's easy to fall into the pattern of wearing the same thing to yoga class day after day. Whether it be black on black spandex, striped leggings or that tattered, old sweat shirt, it's time to spice you your passion for yoga fashion! Developing a new routine can enlighten your spirit of style while encouraging others to do the same.

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A New Must Have For Yoga
As our chest rises and falls with the fluctuation of breath, yoga flood pants rise a few inches off the floor. In order to compensate for wrapping your legs around your head and bringing your heels to your shoulders, these pants maintain a high standard of flexibility. They're also a low rise type of legging, making it easy to bend at the waist or reach for the stars.

The Process Of Purchasing Shorts

For certain types of yoga, like Bikram or Moksha the heat is turned up hotter than your inner chakras. The heat as well as the level of the humidity makes it necessary to invest in the shortest shorts you can find. While some yogis claim that the brand makes all the difference, others claim it's all the same. Regardless, when investing in shorts, always consider the following:

  • Cotton is best to reduce the chance of a yeast infection
  • The level of tightness in the shorts helps you see the movement of your body
  • In Bikram yoga shorts are required
  • Colorful patterns help hide self- conscious cellulite

Sweatshirts At Yoga... Necessary?

Sometimes a yoga studio can be colder than expected, so wearing a sweatshirt is not a bad idea. However the traditional bulkiness can inhibit the flow and sense of movement. If you feel the need to cover up your arms, or just want to have something to wrap around your shoulders, opt for a thinner fabric and tie-dye pattern.

Some yoga classes don't even wear clothes, so always remember that your outfits are temporary and the inner you can shine brighter than a tie-dye pattern or leopard print. Yoga is about being comfortable and in-touch with the world around you. It's not about dressing up and looking better than the yogi by your side.

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