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new-york-high-school-cancels-prom-condom-giveaway-videoA New York school says no more condom favors.

Like some schools across the nation, a New York high school gave out 500 condoms to prom attendees before leaving to promote safe sex. This year, the school says no.

No Condoms for Students on Prom Night

Bedford Stuyvesant Preparatory High School formerly teamed up with a condom making company as part of a safe sex education program. But now, the controversial party favors will no longer be handed out. Parents didn’t agree with the tactic and so it is no more. A principal from another New York high school stated that kids at his school are lined up at the nurse’s station after school every Friday to get free condoms.

Some say the number of girls that have sex on prom night is low, and the Christian Science Monitor says alcohol is the biggest issue with 53 percent of students having at least four drinks during prom nigh. That results in the staggering number of alcohol-related deaths and accidents that occur on prom night.

The condom manufacturer who originally joined forces with Bedford Stuyvesant Prep is trying to get other schools in the area on board, but none have.


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