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allergyLatest Allergy Updates in the News

For many of us there is a desire to follow anything that even resembles medical news. Allergy stories and the potential cures and testing for allergies are all popular new stories because of the huge numbers of people impacted by allergies. Medical professionals all over the world have long determined that from a day to day nuisance perspective dealing with common allergy symptoms is very high on the list. The medical research and funding that goes into allergy related research is in the billions per year.

Allergy Causes and Avoidance for the Holidays

There are many allergies that impact people every day but with the holiday season coming up let's talk about a few of the unique holiday allergy triggers that you might want to avoid. There are many people who are allergic to mountain cedar pollen. For these people it is most important to be aware of the live Christmas trees that you bring home with you. To be safe and limit pollen allergies treat the tree with a fungicide prior to bringing it in the house.

For many allergy sufferers the use of the EpiPen injector has long been used for those that run the risk of coming into contact with an allergen that can cause anaphylaxis. This reaction closes up airways and can prove deadly. The injector has been newly deployed to consumers with a much easier injector that consumers will find easier to use. Now those impacted by insect stings, food allergies, latex and some of the other allergies that cause life threatening allergic reactions have a means to help themselves that is even easier.

Other weather related allergies are going to come into play during the holiday season as well and have recently made it into the medical news.

  • Allergy diligence is necessary for items such as costumes since mold and dust settle in many of these.
  • Be very careful what houses you choose to go into and not go into. Many houses have pets and other allergens which will impact those with allergy issues.
  • Dress right for the winter. Cold temperatures will make breathing hard especially for asthma.
  • And lastly, with all the holiday parties that you will go to, make sure you know what you are consuming if you have food allergies.

Lastly when looking through the latest news about allergies and asthma related causation CHEST 2009 (a medical allergy conference) determined that a lack of zinc might contribute to allergic asthma. Although there is still work to be done in this area it appears that zinc will become part of the allergic asthma treatment protocols.

All in all, every day new information is coming out about allergies, their causes and new and better allergy treatments. Huge amounts of new and updated data constantly hit the medical news. Allergy stories and updates usually deal with causation which is constantly being reviewed, updated and improved. The best way to keep up on what new allergy treatments are becoming available is to subscribe to the many newsletters that are out there for just about every specific allergy that is known at this time by the medical profession or follow medical news updates online.

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