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news-anchor-responds-to-bullying-email-videoAn Anchor Speaks Out about Criticism Regarding Her Weight.

A female anchor from a CBS morning news show in Wisconsin has spoken out about a vicious email she received from a person critiquing her weight. Just the other day, Robin Livingston, morning anchor, spent a few minutes addressing the email and sent a message out to viewers that bullying is hurtful and destructs. In the bullied news anchor video, the Robin Livingston called upon parents to be a good example when around children, not calling attention to one’s weight or other hurtful criticisms.

In short, children live what they learn and if we want to keep our children from being bullies, then we need to stop with the snide comments.

Bullying Email to News Anchor

The bullying email to the news anchor basically said that the viewer did not watch the show very much, but was surprised that the news anchor’s weight had not gone down for the years that she worked there. The emailer then went on to say that she has a duty to the public and community to show what a “healthy lifestyle is.”

Jennifer Livingston shrugged off the email, but not her husband and colleagues, who made the email public. The result was an outpouring of support from both friends and viewers, condemning the bullying email to the anchor and too-personal, inappropriate judgment on the anchor.

Due to public response, Jennifer Livingston took it upon herself to give a personal account of how the email affected her and how there is never an excuse for bullying. She admitted that yes indeed, she is overweight and perhaps even obese by medical charts. So for the emailer to suggest such is no news to her.

Anti-Bullying Month

October is Bullying Awareness Month. In the news anchor’s anti-bullying video, she tells children to not let mean words define them. The example of people rallying to her side is evidence that people are not in favor of bullying, as she suggests. She gives good encouragement to those kids who are being bullied or girls that are worried about their weight.

So what do you think about the video? As I watched the bullying anchor video, I could feel my face getting hot with anger. Unfortunately, people behind the camera are subject to all kinds of criticism, from hair styles to outfits to jewelry. But this is over the top and I am happy that this woman spoke out.

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