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newtown-the-sad-story-of-how-the-killer-got-the-gunsGlock pistol, Sig Sauer pistol and 223-caliber Bushmaster rifle... all are guns belonging to a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The teacher was Adam Lanza’s mother, and the weapons were used on December 14, 2012 to take the lives of 20 kindergarteners. How as a society can we allow this to happen?

Last year, my family and I had the opportunity to live in the UK. It was just after the riots in London. The question raised around the world was how the authorities would handle the riots without guns. In the end, it was handled because there were no guns. Guns were not allowed. In the UK, they don’t have 24-hour Wal-Mart’s to purchase the latest in arsenal gear.

The UK felt safe. Violence was not exploited and set as the leading news story. I used to laugh and call it bubble gum news. There were stories about local good deeds, tips about life, weather, and an occasional story of a purse snatching or hold up. You did here about violence, but not the kind of violence we have here in the U.S. The perception amongst the Brits was the U.S. was an unsafe country filed with crazy people waiting in line for super-sized meals. Now after returning back to the U.S., I understand their sentiments and agree. America is not safe.

Its time we take a closer look at not only gun control but also the role that media plays in our society. Watching the evening news we go from one violent scene to the next. “Hartford was the scene of a violent crime or just breaking tragedy strikes in Modesta.” The American media plants the ideas in the minds of emotionally troubled people and we as Americans give them easy access to commit the crime.

Carrying an assault rifle is viewed as being a constitutional right. How about our rights as parents to send my children to school and not worry about if they are going to come home alive due to the availability of weapons in our society. Mothers routinely take whatever precautions we can to protect our children. We fasten their seatbelts, watch who they are with, what they eat, and the amount they sleep they get at night. What we can’t control are the teachers of small children who are going home to houses full of assault weapons, because it is their constitutional right to have them.  

As a nation, we must not brush this under the rug as we have Columbine and the other tragedies that have occurred across the country. Tied up in bureaucracy and red tape, we are sending our troops to other countries and at the same time ignoring our safety at home.

These children whose names and birth dates have just been released, lost their lives. They will never see another Christmas or experience their first love. They won’t study for their license, take college exams or attend their first prom. Their parents will never be able to hold them again. We have been robbed of the lives of 20 innocent children. Isn’t it time for us as a nation to come together and demand safety and security? As parents you owe it to yourself to contact your local legislator and voice your opinions. Our world has to change. 

For more parenting stories please visit Wendy at www.lifewithwendy.com 

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