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How Can My Nintendo Wii Help Me Stay In Shape?

Nintendo Wii Fitness has quickly become a popular topic in the world of health,  exercise and weight loss. According to reviews, women have reported losing between 10 and 25 pounds during the 30-day challenge option offered by the game.  The versatility of the Wii's user friendly fitness games is making it a great tool in physical therapy offices across the country. The wide variety of simple yet fun multi-player games makes a Wii the perfect addition to family recreation rooms, boys and girls clubs, and recreation centers for seniors and others. The Nintendo Wii appeals to all ages and ability leveles.  Involve the whole family with its variety of exercise games as well as games for children of all ages.

Nintendo Wii Fitness Bundle for Fun, Games and Weight Loss

Nintendo Wii Fitness started with the Nintendo Wii Fit game. Technically it is a collection of mini-games and a multitude of exercises that can be done with your fitness trainer in the game. The personal fitness trainer works with you through many different strength building exercises and yoga exercises. The mini-games make you forget that you are exercising until you collapse on the couch with sore muscles.

The key to fitness is the Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board that is typically sold with the game. The board transmits information about your balance to the game during yoga exercises and is even used in some of the mini games to move your character. For aerobic fitness, the board acts as a step for cardio stepping exercises and the hand held Wii controllers mark your pace for the running mini-game. As a bonus, the balance board acts as a scale for accurate weight checks so no more stepping off and on the scale to ensure that it is calculating properly. As one of the first fitness game for the Nintendo Wii, it falls short of the intensity level of the Wii's new fitness games but it still creates a great workout for someone who can't workout at a high intensity or people just starting to exercise.

The Wii Fit game isn't the only fitness game that Nintendo offers. The newest fitness game is the EA Sports Active game which is filled with exercises and challenges. Many people are falling in love with the ease of creating their custom workouts which allows you to pick the exact exercise that you want to do and the intensity level of each exercise. The sports games like shooting hoops or playing baseball use a wide variety of motions that workout muscles you didn't even know you had. If you already have a balance board from Wii Fit, you can use it with the EA Sports Active and unlock more exercises such as adding kicks to the boxing exercise or balancing on one leg while rollerblading. The game gives you a personal trainer who shows you how to properly hold your controllers as well as properly complete the exercises.  EA Sports Active probably won't help everyone lose 10lbs a month but it is created to help everyone get in shape one exercise at a time.

If different sports and mini-games don't sound exciting to you then there are other options under Nintendo Wii Fitness. Cardio Boxing Wii sticks to exercises that boxers typically do. You can box with a punching bag, jog, jump rope, and complete a variety of exercises such as abdominal sit ups. If you have the Wii Fit Board you can use it for squats, back strengthening and training, abdominals training, push ups, punch dodge, and log cutting exercises. Cardio Boxing Wii isn't the only choice for women looking for standard workout games.

My Fitness Coach is another Nintendo Wii Fitness game. This game revolves around exercises that are completed one-on-one with a personal trainer. It allows you to personalize your exercises by picking from six different fitness goals: weight loss, lower body strength, core body strength, upper body strength, cardio, and flexibility training.  Between these six different areas My Fitness Coach offers over 500 different exercises that feature yoga, pilates, kickboxing, and many other routines.

If none of the games mentioned above sound interesting to you, don't worry because there will be more choices soon. Nintendo Wii Fitness is releasing more games this year and each one professes to offer a more personalized workout that utilizes the advanced functionality of the Wii controllers, including the balance board. Just how effective each game is for weight loss and fitness training depends on each person and individual things such as health, diet, and other personal factors. As is common regarding any fitness activity, each game recommends that if you have health concerns or questions, it is advisable that you talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

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