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no-bath-salts-in-flesh-eating-zombieToxicology Results are Back for the Man Who Ate Another Man's Face.

And the man who ate another man's face, Rudy Eugene, or, also known as the "Zombie-Man," reportedly only had marijuana in his system. All other street drugs have been ruled out in this "Zombie" case, furthering the mystery of why Rudy Eugene attacked and tried to eat a homeless man's face. Earlier in the investigation it was suspected that Rudy Eugene, the "Zombie man" was high on bath salts or LSD, thereby explaining the bizarre behavior.

And so the mystery continues and we wonder what the absolute true motivations were for the man who attacked a homeless man, de-clothed him and subsequently chewed on and ate his flesh.

Man Who Ate Another Man's Face: The Investigation

In addition to testing negative for bath salts, street drugs or even prescription drugs, Rudy Eugene also tested negative for what are called "adulterants," which are usually blended with street drugs to deter the tests from revealing any illicit drugs that are ingested. A second test was performed outside the forensic toxicology lab, confirming the results that there were no bath salts, LSD or synthetic marijuana.

"Bath salts" have been outlawed temporarily by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) because of the effects of the manufactured street drug. Other states have followed suit, banning the sale of the drugs accessed on the Internet and head shops, among other retail stores. Just so you know, these are not the bath salts you can add to your bathtub.

A toxicology expert has said that it is unlikely that marijuana alone could cause the gruesome behavior that left a homeless man disfigured. There are still many new drugs out there that have not yet been researched on how to test for. The challenge for the drug toxicology labs is to learn what is out there on the streets and develop those tests. But this takes money and time, and can be a challenge. In short, there is no one test out that can detect every new drug out there.

Update on the Zombie-Man Victim

The victim, a homeless man, has meanwhile undergone surgeries and is still in the hospital. He has lost his left eye and doctors are working to restore vision in his right eye. More surgeries will be needed before he can decide about the options he has in reconstructing his face. His family, having not heard from him in 30 years thought he was dead.

In the meantime, Rudy Eugene's girlfriend is still shocked at the violence he exhibited. She often saw Eugene watching religious television shows and reading both the Quran and Bible. She witnessed him only using marijuana, foregoing alcohol or drugs.

Photo Credit: Miami-Dade Corrections

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