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Whether you're hosting a Halloween party or just having local kids and families come by your house, it can be tough deciding what candy you'll specifically be handing out - if at all. With a rising awareness of food allergies, diabetes, and special diets, packaged candy may not work for everyone who comes by your haunted house.

Instead of overbuying a ton of different candy options, you can get creative and pass out non-food Halloween items! Check out these budget-friendly and easy to hand out trinkets that will make every kid, no matter their condition, excited for Halloween.


Non-candy-treats-for-halloween-moneyPhoto Credit: CraftyJournal.com

Not sure what to give? If you can afford it, handing out dollar bills in creative ways will make your home the Halloween house to visit! You can create interesting and spooky dollar origami like this Dollar Bill Skull


Non-candy-treats-for-halloween-slimePhoto Credit: APumpkinAndPrincess.com

Nothing says Halloween like slime! Probably as popular as candy, slime is a great way to get kids in the Hallow’s Eve mood. Learn to make this festive jar of pumpkin slime here


Non-candy-treats-for-halloween-tattooPhoto Credit: Amazon

This favor not only looks cool, it also gets the kids involved! An interactive gift like faux tattoos will last way longer than any sugar rush. Make these even more fun by buying different themes or ones that glow in the dark so kids can collect, wear and share! 


Non-candy-treats-for-halloween-bubblesPhoto Credit: Eighteen25.com

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Instead of handing them out in the traditional casing, get in the spooky mood with these finger-shaped favors.

Vampire Teeth

Non-candy-treats-for-halloween-teethPhoto Credit: PolkaDotChair.com

Although it doesn’t taste as good, these fake vampire teeth will get your young visitors amped up for Halloween. Yet another interactive activity, these fake teeth will be a big hit and is a great allergy-free alternative!


Non-candy-treats-for-halloween-beadsPhoto Credit: SeekingShade.com

Instead of crafting, give the craft to the kids! This simple to make, and super cheap, Halloween bead favor allows kids to get creative and create a memorable accessory that they can keep for years.

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