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Photo Credit: Splash

Norman Reedus took a break from killing zombies in the AMC hit television series Walking Dead to emphasize his support for nursing mothers.

In the Instagram shot, the actor holds a fake breast and a peace sign next to it, expressing his support for the Free the Nipple movement, a campaign designed to empower women throughout the word and combat negative stigmas associated with breastfeeding. According to Free the Nipple it is currently illegal in 35 states to breastfeed in public.

A photo posted by norman reedus (@bigbaldhead) on

In the photo Reedus is joined by two nursing mothers Tammie Hamed and Libby Dalton. The caption reads "Free it! Love these ladies! Tonight's show is gonna be awesome!!!"

The picture was taken on Saturday after Hamed and Dalton met Reedus at the HorrorHound Weekend convention in Cincinnati, OH. When Reedus made a comment about "boobs and so many babies," the Huffington Post reported that the women offered to take a nursing pic with him.

Hamed told the Momma Is A Hippie Facebook page that "he was excited and said it was the best pic he's ever taken."

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