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north-west-earrings-stir-social-media-debate-headerWho knew two little pierced ears could cause so much buzz?

North West, baby of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, may barely be talking but others are certainly discussing her. During a Father's Day-birthday trip to the Children's Museum of Manhattan, North was spotted with what looked like diamond-stud pierced earrings. This has put the famous tot into focus for the debate on celebrities and how they should parent their children.

North West Gets Her Ears Pierced

The social media world has chimed in on overload about what’s appropriate when it comes to children and ear piercings.

While some say it just shouldn’t be done, subjects babies to unnecessary pain and makes the parents unfit, others see it as no big deal and something many people just do.

Some individuals have even said the decision to pierce ears should be made by that individual when he or she is old enough to make such a decision. More views on the debate range from it being more sanitary to pierce a newborn’s to a baby’s ears to the baby not remembering the pain if it’s done early on in life.




So...what do you think? Is North too young to get her ears pierced? Should people stay out of Kim and Kanye's parenting world? 

Photo Credit: Instagram

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