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Not All Doctors Will Share With Patient3A new study released today from SERMO, shared that doctors may not be sharing all the information with their patients.  SERMO is the largest social network exclusively for doctors where they talk about real medicine.  About 40% of American doctors are in the network and speak freely and anonymously to other doctors about their patients seeking advice and sometimes second opinions. 

Should patients have access to their entire medical record- including MD notes, any audio recordings, etc?

With over2,300 responses from physicians in the network, here's what doctors said:

  • 49% believe that access to all records should only be given on a case-by-case basis
  • 34% believe that patient access should always be given
  • 17% believe that the doctor's notes should be shared

Some doctors commented that many patients are not able to handle the "truth" about their health and that many doctors may be forced to take more time to explain things further upon reading a doctor's notations.  Other comments included how most patients never really need to see full electronic medical records because much of the information a doctor enters is related to reimbursement and regulatory requirements. 

However, proponents of information sharing believe that patients have a right to know and if they are not privy to that information when requested, that it may change the nature of the relationship and care.  

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