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Popular Brazilians Outside The Soccer Sphere

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not-everyone-in-brazil-plays-soccerA list of famous Brazilians outside the soccer world.

Not everything in Brazil has to do with soccer or Brazilian athletes (although most of it does). While the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be taking center stage in the South American country on June 12, Brazil has also made other athletic, cultural and religious contributions to the world.

In fact, some of the world's most famous Brazilians have made epic contributions to their country and to the world.

Gisele Bündchen

This Victoria Secret model was born in Rio Grande do Sul in 1980. She's known in the modeling world for plump and pouty lips as well as her extra-long legs. Besides modeling, this Brazilian beauty has entered the world of acting and has worked as a goodwill ambassador alongside the UN Environmental Programme. She is currently married to New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady.


Francisco Costa

Known best for his fashionable contribution to Calvin Klein, Costa was born in Brazil in May 1964. He is known for his role as Women's Creative Director for his 2006 and 2008 fashion line. The clothes he styled during those years won him an award in the category of Womenswear Designer of the Year from the Council of Fashion Designers in America.

Dilma Rousseff

As the first woman President of Brazil, Rousseff has been in office since 2011. During her youth, she joined the socialist movement and was even captured, jailed and tortured while upholding her political beliefs. In 2010, she raised eyebrows when announcing she would suspend the distribution of sex education materials that were supported by ministries of health and education. She believes the content of the materials is not appropriate for children. 


It's hard to mention famous Brazilians without considering the legacy of soccer star Pelé. Born in Brazil as Edison "Edson" Arantes do Nascimento in 1943, this athlete has claimed victory at 3 World Cups. In 1999, Pelé was voted the Football Player of the Century by the international Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS).

Oscar Niemeyer

Born in December of 1907 in Rio de Janeiro, Niemeyer is one of the greatest architects in Brazil. His first major project was constructing buildings in Pampulha in 1941. He gained respect in the architectural community since his designs were free-flowing rather than concrete. Later in his career, Niemeyer constructed a building for the United Nations. He died in Brazil in 2012 at age 104.

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