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  • Not So Common Jack-O'-Lanterns

    Not So Common Jack-O'-Lanterns

    For many of us, the idea of Halloween conjures up images of costumes, candy and the spooky smiles of Jack-O’-Lanterns, which have become synonymous with Halloween. These oddly humorous yet ghoulish faces have made it a fun tradition for many to visit the pumpkin patch and hold a carving party.

    Though the act of carving gourds for Halloween traces back to centuries ago, not everyone is so keen on carving. The soft mushy insides and distinctive smell can be a little bit of a turnoff. So for those who love a Jack-O’-Lantern but not the carving, here are some non-pumpkin alternatives for you!

    Photo Credit: Completely-Coastal.com; DaileyLeisure.com; JeansCraftyCorner.Blogspot.com

  • Go traditional with a Cornish-inspired Jack-O-Lantern. Tracing back to a 19th century tradition from the British Isles, these lanterns are said to have originally been made by turnips and mangelwurzels. Aside from tradition, this turnip version is quite creepy!

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia

  • Pineapple


    Even if you don’t live in an area where you feel the cool breeze of fall, you can still have a festive Jack-O’-Lantern. The spiky exterior and green leafed head from a pineapple makes an unexpectedly great alternative, not to mention it smells so sweet. Just like carving a pumpkin, simply cut around the green leaf and remove the yummy insides. Then get to carving! Because of its upright position, a pineapple is super easy to shape.

    Photo Credit: Completely-Coastal.com

  • Oranges


    Make a two-in-one decoration that will amaze your guests. These orange Jack-O’-Lanterns are so much more adorable than their pumpkin counterpart! Assemble in a similar fashion as a pumpkin, cut circle and gut, and these handheld lanterns can be filled with anything from candy to a small candle.

    Photo Credit: DaileyLeisure.com

  • Thinking about holding a cookout for Halloween? Give your guests a little scare with these inventive tree bark Jack-O-Lanterns. Only a project for the experienced, the addition of fire creates a one of a kind lantern that is far from forgettable.

    Photo Credit: Mashable.com

  • Home


    Spook out your neighbors with this statement worthy Jack-O’-Lantern. With just three simple applications of lights, you can transform your house into something much more frightening than the average pumpkin. For more of a great scare, we suggest using red-hued lights. 

    Photo Credit: JeansCraftyCorner.Blogspot.com

  • Concrete


    Love the look of a Jack-O'-Lantern but hate actually creating it? This great concrete Jack-O'-Lantern is not only adorable - it will last way longer than any pumpkin! The process can get quite messy, but the result is a perfectly aged Jack-O’-Lantern that can withstand in any weather!

    Photo Credit: TheWoodGrainCottage.com

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