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notre-dame-chandelier-videoRelieving the stress of final exams this time of year is often a struggle. Some might meditate, exercise, or hang with friends. Others might choreograph interpretive dances to recreate popular music videos...

Well, that's what Notre Dame student Henry Long did.

On a chilly day in Indiana, Long stripped his clothes and danced around the campus in a red tutu, wig, and a pair of socks. The hilarious video captures students confused by the performance but also laughing, filming and supporting Long in his efforts to just have some fun and share the music.

As students across the country face final exams, Long reminds us that stressful situations are often healed with a little dancing.

Watch Long's beautiful dance here:

Appropriately titled, ChaNDelier, the video is buzzing all over the Internet.

The original video, which stars 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler, has been cleverly imitated by stars including Jim Carrey on SNL last month.

Long's moves were a mix of his own and the original choreography... Let's revisit the video to compare:

Photo Credit: YouTube

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