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After you read this, you'll definitely want to go on that Facebook defriending binge now instead of waiting a few weeks! A new Facebook App promises to track your friends and will send a notification to you if you've been unfriended - resulting in some potentially awkward confrontations, we imagine.

The app, called Who Deleted Me On Facebook, is available for iOS and Androids and also reveals when your friends were last online so that they can't pretend you didn't see your FB messages anymore. Awkward. 

The app also promises to "Creepily track your friends from FB messages." That's right, you can see where your friends are simply from their last messages.  And this doesn't just apply to your Facebook friends. You can see the location of any person who is in a Facebook Group with you if he or she posts in the group! 

What do you think of the app? Is it going too far?

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