Little Known Facts about Noxzema Skin Care Products

Surprisingly another famous Noxzema commercial airing in the 1970's as well, which stared Farah Fawcett and Joe Namath gave men a reason to rush to the local drug store for a tube of Noxzema shaving cream!  In fact everyone wanted that deep tingly sensation of clean skin!  Nowadays there's an assortment of Noxzema skin care products with the same tingle of Noxzema Deep cleaning action.

Taking a little trip down memory lane,  in the early 1900's Noxzema was originally named Townsend R22 after its founder Dr. Frances J Townsend.   The popular skin cream was initially created as a soothing sunburn remedy that was only available to affluent beach resort vacationers.  Dr Townsend sympathized with sun burned vacationers particularly considering the vast majority would end up with an itchy irritated skin condition diagnosed as eczema.  Therefore he whipped up the famous ingredients of Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptus

It wasn't until later that the Townsend R22 formula was discovered to not only aid in soothing sunburns but it also reduced and/or reversed the development of eczema.   After a few years Townsend R22 was affectionately referred to as "The No-Eczema Cream", hence the name Noxzema was born.   Dr Townsend decided to offer the sunburn remedy to the general public by selling his secret formula but it wouldn't be until much later and many name changes after the sale of the formula that Noxzema would become a household name.

Now, more than a century later, Noxzema skin care products have grown ranging from the original Noxzema formula to shaving cream for men and acne aids for teens.   There's even Noxzema moisturizing body creams and lotions in cool refreshing scents for all day protection against dry itchy skin.  And if that's not enough to keep Noxzema customers coming back for more how about the Noxzema deep cleaning facial pads and travel facial wipes that deep clean, emulsify and restore your skin to baby soft perfection anytime of the day.  These products are quite handy since they come in economical travel sizes.

No matter where you are you can get that original deep clean while on the go!  When it comes to keeping the skin totally protected and feeling refreshed, you can always count on Noxzema skin care products to do the trick.   Simply go online and browse their extensive line of skin care products and see for yourself why Noxema has been the longest running skin care product for centuries.s

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