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nra-press-conference-interruptedWe all feel bad about the Sandy Hook tragedy, but what should we do in the future?

The Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting has had many of us grieving and wondering what the answer is to prevent another tragedy such as this one. I know that I fall into that category too, as I have been debating and discussing on Facebook like many others.

The NRA and gun control have come under fire since the Connecticut tragedy. And so, the NRA decided to hold a press conference. Clearly, the presence of the NRA has become a heated debate. But, that is what is great about our country; that we can have discussions and even protests to express ourselves.

NRA Press Conference Protest

As the NRA held their press conference on Friday, December 21, 2012, they stated that guns do not kill people, but rather people kill people. It has been noted that Adam Lanza frequently played the popular, but violent video game "Call of Duty." The NRA's news conference was meant to defend their position and point out that violent video games kill people, not guns, according to them.

While NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre talked during the press conference, a protester held up a sign or banner that said "The NRA is killing our kids." The protester was ushered away, and yet another protester interrupted the conference, shouting and voicing opinions.

NRA lobbyist Wayne LaPierre called for armed guards to be stationed around all schools, saying that the only thing that deters a man with a gun is another armed man (a good guy). He has said that each school should have four armed guards and that these guards should be up and running at by the end of January.

In addition, the NRA says that there should be what is called a "watch list" for the mentally ill in our nation.

A Mother's Thoughts

As a mother of a 10-year-old, I have cried many tears about the Sandy Hook shootings. And, I am very, very angry. I have talked to my brother, a probation officer about this. He said that there are restrictions for psychologically-compromised people, but, that we as a nation do not enforce those restrictions well enough.

As a mother and tax-payer, the solution that makes the most sense to me (without getting into the gun control debate), is to bullet-proof our school windows. Have parents buzz in to get into schools. I know the "buzz-in" system is happening in some parts of our country, but not where I am. Should we arm our teachers? I don't know. That is another consideration. It is sad that our educational system has come to this.

What do you think? We'd like to know what your ideas are on how to prevent these senseless tragedies in the future.

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