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nursing-home-work-for-momBest Mom Jobs

Have you considered working in the nursing field? Perhaps you figure you simply cannot possibly have enough time to balance that type of career along with being a mother. A great alternative for women who find themselves in this situation is to seek a less traditional medical degree such as a nursing assistant or medical assistant. You can still get great pay with a degree like this, and unlike many fields, health care is growing and workers are in demand. Nursing home work for moms is one field that practically guarantees work.

Working Mothers Employment

Being a mother in and of itself is a full time job. In fact experts say child you have is essentially equal to having one full time job per child. That means if you have three children then you have three full time jobs currently! So how can you possibly make time to have a career? If you already attended college or have some form of a trade, put those skills and education into action. Many entry-level medical degrees, for example, can be earned by attending classes during the evenings until you graduate so that you can still be at home with your little ones. In most states, a registered nurse will be required to pass a four year degree program, while some others such as an LPN or CPA nurse can go to school for only two years or less. The nice qualities about nursing are that you can have the ability to work shifts and also receive a higher than average hourly wage for someone starting back into the work force. Nurses are always in demand, and you can continue to further your career after your children are older should you wish to make more income.

Medical Jobs for Mom

Other medical jobs for moms that do not involve nursing include office work as medical coders, receptionists, medical billing, dental assistants and daycare workers. Postal work, tutoring, and online work also make good work options for moms. Daycare worker may be a great option for those mothers that need to gain an income and still take their babies to work with them. Medical billing and coders can work shifts and still be home when their children arrive home from school each day which is a bonus to all moms. Reception work can be an excellent opportunity for those that wish to work various shifts throughout the week. These ladies can find employment inside offices, salons, and even car sales dealerships. Then you can work in the afternoons, mornings, evenings, and even on the weekends. This can be essential for a household that requires the income of two working parents and still needs one parent at home with the children each day.

Whatever career you choose, make sure that it is something that you enjoy doing or, at the very least, don't hate. Income is important, but if bringing in money makes you miserable, it may be time to look into other options. Remember, the best mom is a happy mom.

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